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1.   "But natheless, in this condition Must be the choice of ev'reach that is here, That she agree to his election, Whoso he be, that shoulde be her fere;* *companion This is our usage ay, from year to year; And whoso may at this time have this grace, *In blissful time* he came into this place." *in a happy hour* With head inclin'd, and with full humble cheer,* *demeanour
2. 眼下,机会已经摆在了一些行业面前
3.   The firm in question was Alsbery & Co., whiskey brokers.
4. 特殊时期,少点不在乎,多点配合,少点任性,多点理解,少点无知,多点责任。
5.   O sooth is said, that healed for to be Of a fever, or other great sickness, Men muste drink, as we may often see, Full bitter drink; and for to have gladness Men drinken often pain and great distress! I mean it here, as for this adventure, That thorough pain hath founden all his cure.
6.   I wonder is the wine still flowing!


1. 抗击疫情不等于要让经济停摆。
2.  工商信息还显示:2015年,北京友友联创信息技术有限公司净亏损1417万元、负债2173万元。
3. 合理预估,优客工场累计融资不低于55亿人民币。
4. 姜洪方介绍,摇蚊的幼虫一般都是在淡水中生长发育,成虫也主要生活在草木茂密或者靠近水源的地方,世界上已知的摇蚊种类已高达5000多种,国内也有500余种。
5. 武汉船舶职业技术学院官网上一则公告写道:根据武汉市汉阳区新型肺炎防控指挥部《关于征用武汉船舶职业技术学院学生宿舍楼的指挥部令(第6号)》,我院部分学生宿舍楼被临时征用。
6.   I hazarded a bold flight, and said (not without stammering) that it was very bright to me then, though it had been very dark to me a minute before.


1. 周萍告诉记者,之前有网友评论小森的嘴唇有点干,她立马买了一只唇膏送给他,小森收到礼物特别高兴,时不时拿出来涂一涂
2.   26. Compare the speech of Proserpine to Pluto, in The Merchant's Tale.
3. 1月28日,平时售价为每盒18.00元的口罩,药店以每盒40元的价钱对外售卖20盒。
4.   Fourthly, how can we account for species, when crossed, being sterile and producing sterile offspring, whereas, when varieties are crossed, their fertility is unimpaired?
5. 关键有两个方面的价值,第一是订单效率,别的不说,简单讲由原来的业务员,每周拜访一次,变成了用户24小时下单,这个效率就是非常大的价值。
6. 抛开语气词等不具参考价值的词之后,词频统计工具里显示,他说的最多的两个词一个是用户,一个是服务。


1. 这是一个非常确定的趋势。
2. "What are you staring at?" demanded Miss Minchin, sharply. "Are you so stupid that you cannot understand? I tell you that you are quite alone in the world, and have no one to do anything for you, unless I choose to keep you here out of charity."
3. 麦肯锡将于3月宣布当选者,预计此人将对麦肯锡的发展方向产生重大影响。一些内部人士倾向于那些在快速增长领域(比如数据分析)具备专长的候选人,而其他人想要一位可以维护公司品牌的传统主义者。
4. 纳兰解释,关键在于自营工坊的产能瓶颈难以突破。
5. 短时间内她找不到这么多人,于是张某授意公司员工凌某(女,36岁,温州瓯海人)寻找作弊机构,准备安排自己的几位亲友参加考证。
6.   Who calls me?


1. 3.Oh, yeah. That makes sense. – Because option B involves admitting that I am clueless。
2. 当投资人有了一票否决权,基本等同于公司已经是创业者说了不算了。
3. 为此,她必须解决许多事情,其中包括公司文化和生产力。

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      The mountain formed the seaward boundary of a large island, and the narrow strip of rocky shore upon which we stood was strewn with the wreckage of a thousand gallant ships, while the bones of the luckless mariners shone white in the sunshine, and we shuddered to think how soon our own would be added to the heap. All around, too, lay vast quantities of the costliest merchandise, and treasures were heaped in every cranny of the rocks, but all these things only added to the desolation of the scene. It struck me as a very strange thing that a river of clear fresh water, which gushed out from the mountain not far from where we stood, instead of flowing into the sea as rivers generally do, turned off sharply, and flowed out of sight under a natural archway of rock, and when I went to examine it more closely I found that inside the cave the walls were thick with diamonds, and rubies, and masses of crystal, and the floor was strewn with ambergris. Here, then, upon this desolate shore we abandoned ourselves to our fate, for there was no possibility of scaling the mountain, and if a ship had appeared it could only have shared our doom. The first thing our captain did was to divide equally amongst us all the food we possessed, and then the length of each man's life depended on the time he could make his portion last. I myself could live upon very little.

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      Steerforth laughed to that degree, that it was impossible for me to help laughing too; though I am not sure I should have done so, but for this inducement. When we had had our laugh quite out, which was after some time, he told me that Miss Mowcher had quite an extensive connexion, and made herself useful to a variety of people in a variety of ways. Some people trifled with her as a mere oddity, he said; but she was as shrewdly and sharply observant as anyone he knew, and as long-headed as she was short-armed. He told me that what she had said of being here, and there, and everywhere, was true enough; for she made little darts into the provinces, and seemed to pick up customers everywhere, and to know everybody. I asked him what her disposition was: whether it was at all mischievous, and if her sympathies were generally on the right side of things: but, not succeeding in attracting his attention to these questions after two or three attempts, I forbore or forgot to repeat them. He told me instead, with much rapidity, a good deal about her skill, and her profits; and about her being a scientific cupper, if I should ever have occasion for her service in that capacity.

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